LeRoc Modern Jive

LeRoc Modern Jive is a fun modern partner dance that can be danced to all styles of music – ideal for parties and other nights out - and it's great for getting in shape and increasing your fitness levels!

Modern Jive originates from French Jive and has evolved into an easy to learn, versatile fusion of Jive and sexy Latin American dances.  LeRoc has been danced in the UK in it's current form since the early eighties, and unlike some of the fitness crazes that come and go, it is definitely here to stay!

If you haven’t tried LeRoc Modern Jive before, we assure you that learning Modern Jive is about having fun and meeting friendly new faces – as well as learning to dance!  It's a very social evening, and unlike other partner dances, you don't need to bring along your own partner - and those of you with two left feet are especially welcome! So, no need to feel nervous......

We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and for new dancers our professional teaching methods almost guarantee you will be dancing by the end of your first lesson – probably to some of your favourite music!

Recent comments from dancers have included:

“I had the best night's dancing for a long time, the atmosphere is something very special there, a real buzz about the place, was lovely to see so many familiar faces, and make some new friends!”

“I've had such a fabulous night. Everyone is so friendly! I'll be back next week and I'm bringing my friend."

“I have learnt so much more in the short time I have been dancing with you than in all the time I was going to [another venue]. Thank you so much!”

"The friendliest venue we have ever been to."

...... but, don't take their word for it - come along and see for yourself...... and don't forget to bring along your friends!

As well as regular Classes, we offer Workshops, Freestyles, and Private Lessons.

Having a party?? We can also provide a fun ‘Party Package' for your private or corporate event, anywhere in the UK, tailored entirely to your needs. This can include, a beginner lesson to help get your guests on the dance floor, a dance demonstration plus DJ services if required. Our Party Package is always tremendous fun and is ideal for weddings and other functions.